Meet Our Team

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Eric Stewart, General Manager



Chris Dimando, Sales Advisor

From Toledo, Chris has been at Yark Automotive since 2018. His favorite part of his job is turning customers into friends. Prior to Yark, Chris has been a caddie at Inverness Golf Course, and served in the US Army. In his free time he enjoys golf, fishing, and cheering on the UT Rockets. His favorite thing about cars is the new car smell. 

Patrick Witter, Sales Advisor

From Toledo, Patrick has been at Yark Automotive since 2018. His favorite part of his job is helping to solve the needs and concerns of customers. In his free time Patrick enjoys spending time with family, watching movies, listening to good music, and cheering on Cleveland sports. His favorite car is the Cadillac Escalade. 

Todd Reckley, Sales Manager

Chris Newman, Sales Advisor

Chris has worked at Yark for 14 years. He and his wife have 2 kids that are 10 and 7. His daughter, Laney, is a gymnast, and his son, Connor, plays hockey. Outside of work, Chris enjoys spending time with his family and golfing. One thing he cannot live without is candy, specifically Red Vines. Chris's favorite place to be is St. Petersburg, Florida. The weirdest job he has ever had was spraying coal at a chemical company; he said he would always come home covered in black dust from the coal. Chris's favorite car is a Nissan Murano. 

Chris Dandino, Sales Advisor

Dino has worked at Yark Automotive for 5 and a half years. Outside of work, he enjoys cooking, going to Redwings games, and running a bubble hockey league. He has an 8 year old American Bulldog named Angus. His favorite place to be is at home, and he considers himself a homebody. The weirdest job he has ever had was driving a forklift when he was 14. Dino's favorite car is a BMW. Dino has been Vegan for 7 years.

TJ Kretz, Sales Advisor

From Eriz, PA, TJ has been at Yark Automotive since 2015. His favorite part of his job is helping customers find their perfect vehicle. In his free time TJ enjoys sports, and cheering on the Red Wings and Wolverine. His favorite car is the Nissan Maxima. 

Alex Lyell, Sales Advisor

From Toledo, Alex has been at Yark Automotive since 2012. In his role at Yark, he enjoys that every day is something different. Prior to Yark, Alex has done everything from serving ice cream to serving in the US Army. He enjoys boating, sports, spending time with his family, and spending time outdoors. His favorite cars are classic Corvettes.

Kyle Kern-Blystone, Sales Advisor

From Sylvania, OH, Kyle has been at Yark Automotive since 2018. In his role at Yark, he enjoys interacting with his coworkers and customers. Kyle's first job was a bat boy with the Toledo Mud Hens. He enjoys hunting and doing DIY projects. His favorite cars are 70s Stingrays.



Nick Russell, Finance Manager

From Northwood, OH, Nick has been at Yark Automotive since 2015. His favorite part of his job is turning coworkers and customers into friends. In his free time Nick enjoys watching and playing sports. His favorite teams are the Buckeyes and the Dallas Cowboys. His favorite thing about cars is the evolving technology and safety features.



Rick Nijakowski, Service Manager

Rick been working for Yark Auto Group since February 2016.  Prior to Yark, he worked with Toledo and Signature Harley-Davidson for almost 10 years. His first paying job at the age of 13 was helping to keep a campground clean and functional. To help pay for the hot rod car he was always working on in high school, Doug worked at Rudy's Hot Dog. His favorite part of working at Yark is the concept of putting our customers first. He feels good knowing that we are all working to accomplish and focus on the right things every day. Rick is married to a wonderful person, DeEtte Nijakowski. She runs the Tim Hortons they own.  She is an excellent chef and loves the food industry! He would like to open a small diner some day to showcase her cooking. He is a HUGE Ohio State fan, and loves college football! He tries to make it to a couple games a year and always looks forward to the tough game from the Team Up North.  It is always fun in this area with all the fans from both sides! He has many hobbies, including motorcycles- he has 5 or 6. He even has one in his house! His wife is a pet lover, and they have exotic cats, and even have pet goats. As for cars, Rick's favorite is the corvette. He has always loved them growing up.  Someday maybe he will have a couple cool ones like John!

Russel Morey, Service Advisor

Justin Schwartz, Service Advisor

Justin was born and raised in Sylvania, OH. His favorite part of his job is putting smiles on the faces of customers and helping to solve their needs. His favorite cars are Nissans.

Jason Jaworski, Service Advisor

Jason has worked at Yark Automotive for 5 years. He lives with his girlfriend, and they have 2 cats and 3 chinchillas. Outside of work, his favorite thing to do is be outside. One thing Jason cannot live without is his car because he loves traveling and driving. His favorite place to be is Philadelphia. The weirdest job Jason has ever had is being a grounds keeper at a manufacturing company. His favorite car is a '67 Shelby GT 500. 



Reuben Smith, Parts Manager

Dan Case, Parts Advisor

Raised in Toledo, Dan has been at Yark Automotive since 2015. His first job was working as a cook at Blackberry Corners in Martin, Ohio. He has also done factory work and detailing at dealerships, inaction to helping family and friends with side projects. At Yark, Dan enjoys continuously learning more about cars every day. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, spending time with his wife and two sons, and watching football and hockey. His favorite teams are Notre Dame, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Toledo Walleye. If Dan were shopping for a car right now, he would look for a nice truck.