Goals of Increased Fuel Efficiency for Nissan

There's a lot to love about the lineup of new Nissan models offered here at Yark Nissan, and not least of the great features would be the high fuel efficiency. However, the automaker knows that it's not done yet so they're planning on bringing even better gas mileage to their selection of engines soon.

They won't be doing it alone though; with the help of other Japanese automakers like Toyota and Honda, Nissan will be part of a group called the Research Association of Automotive Internal Combustion Engines and their goal is to increase gasoline and diesel engine fuel economy by 30 percent before the end of the decade. These sound like pretty lofty goals but, with half of the $20 million project being funded by the Japanese government, we certainly believe that it can be done!

We'll be keeping our fingers crossed until 2020 that this team can reach their goals and exceed them. Until then, we welcome you out to our Toledo, OH location to see everything that's available today. Whether you're coming in to take a test drive, take something home, or just to look around, we'll give you the best car-buying experience we possibly can.

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